October 13 is Horror Day!!

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October 13, is Horror Day!
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Creators in the horror community have launched the "Horror Day of Action," a campaign to inspire all lovers of the horror genre to reach out to the world on Friday, Oct. 13, 2006. The idea caught fire and spread to every area of horror, from haunted house operators to videogame designers to movie makers and writers. But the most important and basic ingredient of Horror Day is each fan's participation.
On Oct. 13, fans are asked to buy a horror book, give away a horror book, rent a horror video, read ghost stories to children, host an art show, or talk to the nearest library, bookstore, video store, newspaper and to call your local radio station.

The official site for Horror Day, along with suggestions for action, can be found at http://www.myspace.com/horrorday.

"We expected this idea to gain momentum quickly because it's so simple," said a volunteer, "But to see it grow so rapidly, and to see the enthusiasm of the people who love this genre has been totally amazing. Horror is often considered a fringe taste, but the reality is it has millions of fans in every sector of society. And our combined voices can have a positive effect on the world at large."

While the Horror Day site has action tips, creativity is the key to the event's success. Fans are asked to come up with their own imaginative spin to promote the genre and share them in the "Comments" section of the MySpace site and on all the various horror message boards.

Most importantly, remember this year Friday the 13th is HORROR DAY!

Plan something cool, and SPREAD THE WORD!

Here you can talk about things to do, great ways to spread the word and just general chat about Horror Day!
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